Mixing Vocals: What Makes a “Professional” Vocal Sound


Mixing Vocals: What Makes a “Professional” Vocal Sound:

When learning how to mix music, beginner engineers can often become discouraged when comparing their work to professional mixes. They know the tools (EQ, compressor, etc.) and how to use them, but for some reason they don’t get the same results. However, knowing what’s actually happening in the sound of a professional mix can help clear things up. In no domain is this more obvious and important than in mixing vocals.

Homework and course work.

I keep finding these things in my mailbox, on the web, wherever. I have the tools needed. I have lots of recordings (not exactly controllable), and a desire to make mixes with better sounding vocals. Particular attention needs to be paid to the live vocals I have.

Added the video series to the iZotope binder.