Lock Position in Track when moving Anchor ⌃A — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day (KCotD)

  Lock Position in Track when moving Anchor    ⌃A

I have still not found a decent description of “the Anchor” and how it is used…the best that I can discover is that the anchor is what gets aligned to the playhead when adding regions to tracks.

Someday I will edit audio in Logic.

Logic Pro Audio File Editor interface overview — Apple Support

Anchor: Indicates the absolute start point of the audio file.

 Map performance patches in Logic Pro — Apple Support

Performance patches can also exhibit interesting characteristics that differ when playing live and when playing back a region. When you play a note live on the keyboard, the sample is played from the sample anchor—a marker that represents the musical focus of the sample, or the position that should land on a beat. When you play back recorded MIDI events, however, the full sample is played, even if it starts before the note on event. This behavior leads to more natural-sounding instruments—for example, the sound of a tambourine that is generated before the actual palm hit.