Go to Marker Number 7 𝍖7 β€” Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

Go to Marker Number 7  𝍖 7 - keypad 7

𝍖 key was hard to find

Markers by numbers. 20 of them! The idea and concept of jumping around in audio by a number makes no sense to me. Jump to arrangement position (chorus, verse), del signo, even bar numbers for reading a score.

I use markers. I listen to mixes and drop markers where I want to go look. Best for me for listening is to listen on headphones and use the X-Touch (MCU) for transport and inserting markers. Don’t look at the tracks at all.

I posted an entry with the excerpt from the manual β€” Mackie Control Markers

NB β€” I have removed all 20 of the keypad go to marker commands. I will eventually find a suitable set of commands to place there. Why waste 20 good key commands? If I want to get to a marker by number I can just use β€œGo to Marker Number (βŒ₯/ β€” option-/) and enter the number. I am more likely to use next/previous marker with the set locators feature (Go to next marker and set locators) β€” option-comma and option-period (βŒ₯, and βŒ₯.) think left/right