Go to Marker Number 12 𝍖⌃2 — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day (KCotD)

  Go to Marker Number 12 𝍖⌃2

Move the playhead to marker number 12. The ‘Go to Marker’ keyboard commands are assigned to the keypad on the extended keyboards. I rarely jump to a specific marker, preferring to move forward and backward between them.

I try to create markers that have a definite length so I can set the locators and enable cycle for the current marker. I use the Marquee tool to select an area followed by commands to create the marker and cycle. Once that is done I can step through the marked locations in the project and work on the specific area.

Navigate using markers in Logic Pro — Apple Support

The marker numbers in these commands refer to the (serial) order of all markers in the project. By default, when you create a marker, the name shows the marker number.