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Gearslutz — View Single Post — Best mixing controller for Logic Pro X: 2017

Gearslutz — View Single Post — Best mixing controller for Logic Pro X: 2017:

1) Took me about half an hour to realize that I had to hit the EQ twice to bring up all the parameters
2) Apple have decided that you need an 8 band eq (incl low/high cut) with 4 parameters (incl on/off) for each band. Hence you would need 32 knobs to control the entire EQ for a single channel strip. I have to lean over, read the small scribble, perhaps flip to the next “page” before I can do any adjustments

This is the forum post that started me digging into the X-Touch and how it performs in Logic Pro X.

I can now go back, review the discussion, and make cogent comment.