Force Accidental — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Force Accidental

Forces the display of accidentals (and naturals). Display of notes in the Score Editor depends on the chosen key signature. You can force accidentals to be displayed, even though the key signature implies where the notes are sharp, flat, or natural.

Watch out for classically trained musicians who will double-sharp or double-flat notes depending on the key signature. If a tuba part is written in Bb Major (2 flats) and you put a flat on a Bb (implied) the player _will_ play an A natural (B double-flat).

Don’t accidentally confuse the world 😉

Change how accidentals appear in a score in Logic Pro — Apple Support

By default, the display of accidentals depends on the chosen key signature. Using note attributes, you can change flats to sharps, and vice versa. For information about setting the key signature, see Add key and time signature changes to a score in Logic Pro.

Command    Key Touch Bar
- Score Editor
Force Accidental
Force Accidental (only flats & sharps)