Extend Cell, or Track Selection Up ⇧↑ — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day (KCotD)

  Extend Cell, or Track Selection Up    ⇧↑

Extends the cell or track selection up.

Edit Live Loops cells in Logic Pro — Apple Support

Parameters for selected cells appear in the Cell inspector, which replaces the Region inspector when cells are selected. When you select a single cell, the title bar of the Cell inspector shows the cell name; when you select multiple cells, the title bar shows the number of selected cells.

Select events in the Logic Pro Event List — Apple Support

You can use any of the standard selection techniques in the Event List: individual selection by clicking events, multiple selection by dragging, or both of these (without altering the previous selection), in conjunction with the Shift key.

Select tracks in Logic Pro — Apple Support

You can select multiple tracks. When multiple tracks are selected, the first selected track is the focused track. Some operations, such as choosing a patch in the Library, only affect the focused track when multiple tracks are selected.