Delete Take or Comp ⌥⇧⌫ — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Delete Take or Comp    ⌥⇧⌫

Deletes the most current take or ‘comp’. I don’t do any? studio recording with multiple takes in a row (other than whole songs or phrases) and am not at all fluent in ‘comping’ tracks.

My early learning was strictly live performance of music. I listened to a lot of radio. If I went to a show featuring a band I had heard I was almost invariably disappointed that the band sounded not at all good compared to their records. I had no idea that they could/would stitch together pieces of the music to make the record. Silly me.

Delete takes and comps — Apple Support

You can delete takes and comps from take folders at any time. When deleted, they no longer appear in the take folder’s list of takes and comps. Any comp selections using deleted takes are also removed.