Delete Selected Audio File Group(s) — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day (KCotD)

  Delete Selected Audio File Group(s)

Remove the grouping of the audio files. The files are not deleted. The group is deleted.

You cannot delete a group that is based on file attributes or selected regions, choose a different grouping mechanism.

Sort, group, and rename audio files in Logic Pro — Apple Support

Select the files you want to group, choose View > Create Group, enter a name in the Name field, then press Enter.

Select the files you want to group, then choose one of the following from View > Group Files by:

  • Location: Creates groups that are alphabetically sorted by the names of the parent folders of selected files. Folder names are automatically used as group names.
  • File Attributes: Creates groups based on the attributes of selected files (file type, stereo/mono, bit depth). Group names are displayed as a summary of the file attributes—16 bit Mono AIFF, for example).
  • Selection in Tracks: Creates groups based on regions selected in the Tracks area. Group names are based on the first of the selected regions.