Convert Regions to New Sampler Track ⌃E — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Convert Regions to New Sampler Track   ⌃E

This is kind of fun to play with.

Convert audio regions to sampler instruments — Logic Pro X

You can convert audio regions to sampler instruments with the Convert Regions to New Sampler Track function (default key command: Control-E). All selected regions are sequentially mapped—in accordance with their timeline positions—to the specified key range, starting with the lowest note.

Perhaps best described in the Sound on Sound review of the “new” Logic Pro 9 back in 2009…

Apple Logic Pro 9

The snappily named ‘Convert Regions to New Sampler Track’ command makes it possible to trigger audio regions via EXS24 in one of two ways. First, you can create an EXS24 instrument that maps an audio region so that it can be triggered from one MIDI note, making it easy to recreate ’80s-style st-st-stuttering effects. Or — very neatly — you can ask Logic to create a new EXS24 instrument based on the transients detected in the audio region. In this way, rather like ReCycle and similar loop-based tools, Logic will slice up the audio region and assign each slice to be triggered by a different note. You can specify the range of notes that will be used, which is handy if you want to turn a drum loop into a playable kit on your MIDI keyboard, for example.