Control button stays lit

Control button stays lit:

I found a copy of the eMagic Logic Control manual.

Handy little chart of all the switches and LEDs on the device. I have modified it a bit…

On my Mac I can use the ‘send midi’ command to flash the CONTROL light like this

Maximizer — Ozone 8 Documentation

Maximizer — Ozone 8 Documentation:

Ozone’s acclaimed IRC (Intelligent Release Control) technology lets you boost the overall level of your mixes without sacrificing dynamics and clarity. The Maximizer applies to the entire bandwidth of the mix; it is not a multiband effect.

Very clean and nice. Can warm it up with the different IRC settings.

X-Touch — Logic Pro X — “Single” mode on mixer

X-Touch — Logic Pro X — “Single” mode on mixer:

I have track stacks, summing, for things like DRUMS, VOX, what have you. I arrange them such that the “Arrange” window as well as the mixer has things in order like VOX, v1, v2, v3… where I can collapse VOX and only deal with the plugins and faders on the bus.

That’s nice. I like it.

I am losing track of where I get involved in discussions and question/answer dialogue.

Time to start posting blog entries with links to the topics. Not clear if these links work for non members of the forums, but hey, this is for me 😉