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Toggle Track On ⌥M — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Displays some of the buttons and tools available in the track header

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Toggle Track On    ⌥M

Tracks can be turned on and off. This command toggles the on/off state of the track. If the on/off button is not currently being displayed in the track header using this command will cause the on/off button to be displayed. Regions in a track that is turned off have their color changed to gray.

I have started to use on/off control of tracks to un-clutter my mixes. Tracks that are printed with effects, or are parallel processing tracks are likely candidates. I will typically protect these tracks as well so I cannot modify them. They got printed this way for a reason, I shouldn’t presume to know better.

Turn off tracks — Logic Pro X:

When no other track is assigned to the same channel strip, turning off a track also saves processing power, because plug-ins on the channel strip are no longer processed. Turning a track off (or turning it back on) takes slightly longer than muting or unmuting the track, due to internal pre-processing. Unlike muting a track, turning off a track can not be automated.


5 Creative Uses of iZotope RX in Audio Mastering

5 Creative Uses of iZotope RX in Audio Mastering:

Here are five examples of recent mastering sessions where iZotope RX took on a more creative audio mastering role. Featured in this article is GRAMMY-winning mastering engineer Glenn Schick (Future, Ludacris, The Weeknd) and iZotope’s very own Education Director Jonathan Wyner (David Bowie, Howie Day) to also share some key insights on how they’ve used RX in their mastering workflow.