What Digital Reverb Actually Does

What Digital Reverb Actually Does:

In this article, we’ll discuss what digital reverb, both algorithmic and convolution, technically does to an audio signal to achieve the effect of reverb. With this information in mind, we’ll also cover some considerations for handling reverb in your own projects.

11 Considerations When Recording Background Vocals — Bobby Owsinski’s Music Production Blog

11 Considerations When Recording Background Vocals — Bobby Owsinski’s Music Production Blog:

Recording background vocals is a distinctly different process from recording solo vocals because of how they will eventually fit in the mix. That requires a different technique for both recording and production in order to get the best result. Here are 11 background vocal-related points lifted from the 4th edition of my Recording Engineer’s Handbook that can help you take those background vocals to the next level.

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GarageBand for iOS (iPad): Jam with other GarageBand users

GarageBand for iOS (iPad): Jam with other GarageBand users:

You can make music with other GarageBand users sharing a Wi-Fi connection. The bandleader creates a jam session, then up to three band members can join the jam session. Playback and recording are synchronized between all devices, so everyone can play and record together as a band. The leader can keep exclusive control of playback and recording, or allow all members to share control.

Essential Tips for Mixing Reverb

Essential Tips for Mixing Reverb:

Reverb can be tricky to deal with in a mix. The space that it adds can be very helpful, but sloppy reverb sounds can often become smeared over the mix, reducing clarity. Achieving the proper balance when mixing reverb will give a sense of space without becoming distracting in the mix.

In this article, we’ll cover some methods for mixing reverb. We’ll discuss EQing, ducking, timing, and retriggering reverb.

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Are You Listening? Episode 6: EQ in Mastering

Are You Listening? Episode 6: EQ in Mastering:

In Episode 6, learn how EQ in mastering can help correct and restore the clarity and intelligibility of a track, why you should prep before applying EQ, why filter shapes matter, and how to make thoughtful subtractive and additive EQ decisions. Practice your skills at home by downloading a free trial of Ozone, iZotope’s mastering software!