Making Sense of Mac Keyboard Symbols

From OSX Daily

Making Sense of Mac Keyboard Symbols

Full Keyboard Symbol List:
⌘ is command

⌥ is option

⌃ is control

⇧ is shift

⇪ is caps lock

← is left arrow

→ is right arrow

↑ is up arrow

↓ is down arrow

⇥ is tab

⇤ is backtab

is return

⌤ is enter

⌫ is delete

⌦ is forward delete

⇞ is page up

⇟ is page down

is home

is end

⌧ is clear

␣ is space

⎋ is escape

 is eject

Eject is a square with a triangle above a bar…

Fine-tuning Automation In Logic — Sound on Sound

This is a very old article from Sound on Sound magazin from September 2005 — 14 years ago. It is a nice introduction to the value of automation, and the incredible power provided in Logic. Just about everything can be automated — even changing the screen set that you are currently viewing.

It is important to read further to be clear about what Logic Pro X can do (like Track Automation and Region Automation) for just one example.

Fine-tuning Automation In Logic

Comprehensive automation is one of Logic ‘s most powerful facets, allowing micro-management of all the settings in your mix.