Quantize 1/8 Swing F — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Quantize 1/8 Swing F

Set the quantization to an eighth note, swing pattern F (swing percentage 71%) The current quantization value is displayed in the Region inspector. There are two controls — the Quantize menu and the value menu.

Logic Pro Quantize parameter values — Apple Support

Swing quantization: The 1/16 Swing A-F settings delay the position of every second point in the quantization grid by a fixed percentage. You can also manually alter the swing factor of any Quantize value.

Attach Symbol: Up-Bow — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Attach Symbol: Up-Bow

Add an Up-Bow symbol to the selected note(s).

Logic Pro part box overview — Apple Support

When Show Advanced Tools is selected in the Advanced preferences pane, you can add notes and other symbols from the Part box in the inspector. The Part box contains a complete collection of score symbols, arranged in groups. You can control which symbols are displayed in the Part box, reorder symbol groups, and open the Part box as a separate, floating window.

•Increase Last Clicked Parameter by 10 ⇧= — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  •Increase Last Clicked Parameter by 10 ⇧=

Add 10 to the most recently clicked parameter. Useful in places like region gain, fade values, and others.

I would find it more useful if it worked in any field where numeric input is possible, but the wide range of numbers (MIDI velocity, fader levels, pure numbers) possible makes it unlikely that proper context can be found for every user.

Very useful when working in the Event List.

As useful as it may be, the functions are not defined in the Logic Pro documentation starting with version 10. The missing “Basic Operations” chapter is remarkably useful.

Logic Pro 9 User Manual: Working with Key Commands

The Plus and Minus keys are assigned to the Increase/Decrease Last Parameter by 1 key commands. As the name suggests, this will increase or decrease any selected parameter value in single units.

Using Shift in conjunction with the Plus and Minus keys accesses the Increase/Decrease Last Parameter by 10 key commands.