Show/Hide Assign 1 — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Show/Hide Assign 1

Toggle the visibility of MIDI Assignable Controller knob 5.

There I times when I wish I could return to my 1990s MIDI rack and program and mix with 21st century tools. Of course I can get almost all of the MIDI gear in software, so it’s simply about racks of gear. Should spend some time with Reason so it can look pretty 😉

Overview of MIDI channel strips in Logic Pro — Apple Support

Assign 1 to 5: Display up to five knobs that you can freely assign to any MIDI controller number.

Select Cable Destination ⇧→ — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Select Cable Destination   ⇧→

Selects the object that is the destination of an attached cable. Easy way to navigate the MIDI Environment.

I like to think of working in the MIDI Environment as writing assembler (machine) code. Right down there at the bare instructions. Working in the Tracks view is writing Objective-C. Oddly different from C++ or C, but nicely powerful.

Advanced selection commands in the Logic Pro Environment — Apple Support

This function allows you to follow the cabling from one (serially cabled) object to the next. If several objects are connected in parallel, or several cable connections are selected, the path of the upper cable is followed.

Store Track Header Configuration as User Default — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

Displays some of the buttons and tools available in the track header
  Store Track Header Configuration as User Default

Saves the current track header configuration as the user default settings.

Logic Pro track header overview — Apple Support

You can customize the track header by showing or hiding different track header controls, to optimize your workflow. You can also resize the track headers to give yourself more room to work in the Tracks area.

 I change my default track header configuration every once in a while. Finally decided to save a better default for my mixing and mastering work since I don’t record often, or at all, really.

Set Left Locator by Rounded Playhead — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Set Left Locator by Rounded Playhead

Set the left locator to the nearest barline to the playhead. Rounding can cause the playhead to move earlier, or later in the timeline.

Use the cycle area in Logic Pro — Apple Support

Set Rounded Locators by Regions/Events/Marquee: Rounds the position of the locators to the barline that is nearest to the beginning and end points of the selected regions or events, or the marquee selection.