Export Score as MusicXML… — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Export Score as MusicXML…

Exports the project (score) in the MusicXML format. This format is widely used by applications for working with scores.

Export a score from Logic Pro as MusicXML — Apple Support

MusicXML is an XML-based music notation file format, supported by many notation and music OCR applications and some music production applications. You can freely redistribute the MusicXML DTDs and XSDs used with MusicXML under the MusicXML Public License.

Select Members of Group 1 — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Select Members of Group 1

Select all channels (and tracks) that are members of Group 1. Finally. A group number that I can probably remember.

During mix preparation I should probably assign tracks to groups when I create the summing folders for them. It might make things move a little faster and make things a bit more obvious. There is certainly no reason that I have to use separate groups for each summing folder (think stems) with multiple sets of channels in the same group.

Time to practice.

Groups inspector in Logic Pro — Apple Support

You use the Groups inspector to define the behavior of each Mixer group. The Groups inspector appears in the Track inspector when one or more groups have been created, and it can be opened as a floating window as well. It contains the following settings:

Activate Next Track Alternative ⌃⌥↑ — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Activate Next Track Alternative    ⌃⌥↑

Switch to the next track alternative. I have used project alternatives extensively for my live recordings. Track alternatives are arrangement tools. All of the tracks share the same channel strip and settings.

Use track alternatives in Logic Pro — Apple Support

You can create and edit track alternatives and switch between them. Each alternative can contain different regions or arrangements, while sharing the same channel strip and plug-ins. Track alternatives are like “playlists” for individual tracks that can be used to try out different ideas or archive tracks at different stages of development.

Set Next Higher Division — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Set Next Higher Division

Sets the division of a bar to the next division. A higher number indicates smaller divisions. The largest division available is 4 — a quarter note. The smallest (highest) division is 128 — a 128th note. Note that the division can be set to 192 by selecting the value from the pop-up menu in the LCD display. That would be triplet 128th notes.

Set the time signature of a Logic Pro project — Apple Support

The division value defines the division in all position displays (such as in the editors), and forms the grid for various length and placement operations. The division value is normally set to 1/16 notes, but can range in value from 1/4 to 1/192 notes. If the note value of the division is equal to or greater than the bar denominator, the third value of the position display is removed.