Shawn James: “Orpheus”

Shawn James: “Orpheus”:

Blues busking troubadour Shawn James turns to the Greeks on “Orpheus.” This is his take on the mythology of one who played lyre and had a voice no one could resist.

KCRW does it again. I have found dozens of artists thanks to shows like “Morning Becomes Eclectic”.

Each day I listen to the KCRW “Song of the Day” podcast. Today is one of the days I stopped what I was doing and went off the “the music store” to get an album.

The Power of the Pre-Chorus

The Power of the Pre-Chorus:

The pre-chorus is arguably the most overlooked and underrated section of popular song structures. Having been established somewhere in the 1960s, the pre-chorus is a relatively young concept that has truly elevated the art and science of songwriting. The power of the pre-chorus can be seen in several important functions in a song structure, ultimately transforming a couple of musical passages into a fully realized song.

How to Write a Bass Line When You’re Not Flea or Geddy Lee

How to Write a Bass Line When You’re Not Flea or Geddy Lee:

In the world of rock music, being ridiculous and flashy can get you a long way. For decades, rock has been propelled by bombastic lead singers, drummers, and guitar players. Despite the revelry often attached to the job description of “rock musician,” bass players hold the distinct challenge of having to blend in. While the bass in rock music has long served as a humble anchor underneath the cacophony, don’t be fooled—there are more possibilities for rock bass lines besides another unexciting eighth note cadence on the root note.