Beam Selected Notes ⌃B — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Beam Selected Notes    ⌃B

Forces a beam to the following note.

It would make sense for me to learn some of the finer points of score editing in Logic.

I originally learned to write scores by hand. Was fascinated by a “Music Typewriter”, but found it too hard. Jumped on “Finale”, version 1. Very complex. Expensive. I paid for my Finale license and made money with it by scoring parts — $10 per page by hand. Now there are far too many scoring tools to really think about, and I’m not really in the business anymore.

As an exercise I could re-create my modulations “homework sheet” in a Logic project.

Control beaming in the Logic Pro Score Editor — Apple Support

By default, a note’s stem direction and length depend on the settings in the Staff Style window. You can change these attributes to improve readability; for example, to group notes meant to be played as a voice in a polyphonic passage.