Attach Symbol: Jazz 6 — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Attach Symbol: Jazz 6

Attaches the sixth jazz symbol to a note.

I point here to my rant about the removal of useful documentation for unknown reasons…no need to type it again

Attach Symbol: Jazz 2 — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day — learning at the elbow of the internet

I have searched through the available documentation for Logic Pro X and can find nothing that explains what this command does, or what are the symbols labelled “Jazz”. Nothing. Crickets. I continued my search on the internet (where I discovered my lack of proper work, see above link) and found some interesting pointers. The first real clue came from the “Logic Express 7 — User Manual” in the discussion of the Part Box. Lots of words about palettes and floating palettes. Hmmm. Not happening in Logic Pro X.

Logic Pro 9 User Manual: Learning About Part Box Groups

Jazz Symbols in the Part Box
Jazz symbols, as the name suggests, are typically used for jazz notation. They generally indicate a particular playing technique or style, emphasis, or mode.