Apply Transform User Preset 19 to selected Events — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

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  Apply Transform User Preset 19 to selected Events

This is one of the 30 user transform commands. There are two ways to apply transforms — “Apply Transform” and “Select and Operate”. Looking at the Transform window I see that there are the options to “Select Only”, “Operate Only”, and “Select and Operate”. Sort of like PERL for MIDI events 😉

The best introduction I could find for MIDI Transform Sets is the table that describes the pre-defined transforms. The operations and selection criteria help me to understand what is possible.

Logic Pro MIDI Transform presets overview — Apple Support

The table below describes the operations performed by the MIDI Transform window presets in Logic Pro.

 Logic Pro MIDI Transform window overview — Apple Support

The MIDI Transform window is so-named because it transforms MIDI events—based on conditions, operations, and values you choose—into different types of events, or events with different values.